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Welcome to the QMCC web site
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Saturday, 12 June 2004

Welcome to the QM Custom Cars web site

 QMCC is engaged in various reworks of engine and variuos other parts of variuos veichles in in order to improve characteristics and/or increasing performance.



Some of the reworks of engine parts that we offer :

  • Lightening of the rotating parts
  • Upgrades of N/A engines with turbo chargers
  • Multi point butterfly throttle bodies systems (sequvencial) EFI
  • Alternative EFI injections
  • Rework of the engine head (increase VE)
  • Suspension reworks according to various specs (hillclimb, rally)
  • Wide range of TURBO kits, N/A Kits, installation assured.
  • DYNO TUNING from DASTEK for maximum performance and longetivity of your engine – UNICHIP
  • Mapping of ECU on DASTEK dynamometer
  • Automobile Dyagnostics ( EOBD/EOBD II )


 Trough this means we present you with a small part of our services which include larger part of automobile tuning spectre.


If you need help with specific problems, or you have a concrete solution to offer concernig tuning, feel free to contact us trough e-mail, our forum or GSM phone.

  At your service,

QM Custom Cars


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